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Warm Up With Cozy Apple-Peach Cobbler

apples and peaches 1Wow, it got chilly quickly this past week.  Apples and peaches are available in abundance, but these past few days the weather has been so unseasonably damp and cold, I have been craving something warm. One good way to warm up the house, make it smell delicious, and use seasonal fruit is to make some cobbler.  The recipe I posted below is for apple-peach cobbler–partly because those are the fruits I had in the house at the time, and partly because apples and peaches taste lovely when baked together. sliced apples and peachesThe crust is hearty and crumbly, much like biscuits. This cobbler recipe is not nearly as light as the simple apple crisp recipe I posted earlier, but sometimes one is in the mood for something more substantial and filling, especially after coming in from a chilly evening.  After having the windows open and smelling fresh air all summer, it is different to have all the windows closed, trying to trap every bit of warmth.  Cooking and baking scents are more intense and fragrant, and the light is softer as we gather around to eat together.  It is a cozy time of year!

apple-peach cobbler 1apple peach cobbler in a bowl 1


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