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Parmesan Cornbread Wedges

Whether you are looking for an accompaniment to soup or chili, or just looking for a tasty snack, these parmesan cornbread wedges do the trick.  The subtle, mellow flavor of Parmesan cheese infuses this moist cornbread with a pleasing flavor.

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Maple Frosted Cinnamon Rolls

These soft, fresh rolls filled with cinnamon and sugar, then drizzled with a maple syrup-infused frosting, are a treat for the taste buds and for the soul.  There is something about homemade cinnamon rolls that conjures up feelings of peace, comfort, and well-being.  Maybe it is the incredible aroma of cinnamon and dough baking in the oven, or maybe it is the warmth and sweetness of the first bite of the roll, but whatever the reason, homemade cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite comfort foods.

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Cranberry Ricotta Scones

Warm up a cold, dark morning with these cranberry ricotta scones!  They are rich and moist, with the ricotta cheese giving them extra depth of flavor and texture, and dried cranberries and a teaspoon of ginger adding sweetness and spice.  A warm, tender scone with a hot cup of coffee or tea is one of my favorite ways to add comfort and cheer to life.

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