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Cheesy Egg & Tortilla Folds

egg & tortilla

Filled with egg, melted cheese, and your own choice of vegetables and/or meat, these handy little egg & tortilla folds taste great for breakfast, lunch, or even a quick dinner. Plus, they are fun to make!

In the past couple of weeks, our world has been completely turned upside-down. Many, many are sick, schools are closed, countless people have lost their jobs, and others are working over-time in hospitals or in the food supply industry. Our minds are filled with statistics and new worries. Yet we still need to eat. Many of us are spending all or most of our time at home these days. For those of us fortunate enough to be healthy and have a good appetite, eating well will help us contend with the challenges ahead.

My daughter recently told me about these egg & tortilla folds. She learned about them on Snapchat, from a source who got it from another source….so this recipe is floating around in the virtual world, but I am not sure where it originated. It’s really so simple, it can hardly be called a recipe, and what I love about this meal is that it is completely customizable. Each fold can have different fillings, and that way everybody is happy.

egg & tortilla fold

These days, it is the simple things that make us happy, like a satisfying meal, or a good conversation. Here in Michigan, we are allowed to go outside, as long as we keep our distance from all but our immediate family. Getting out for some exercise is immensely helpful to me, in addition to watching the flowers in our yard progress. Soon we hope to start planting a vegetable garden, which will be more helpful than ever this year. Though I must say, the weather the past couple of days has been gloomy and cold. I am definitely hoping for sunshine soon.

We are living in a very surreal time. Everybody is contending with some kind of challenge. Everyone is giving something up. On a personal level, I was recently laid off from my job. My son will turn 16 soon, and my daughter will graduate from high school, but without all of the pomp and circumstance that high-school seniors typically enjoy. My husband is still working in an essential office of the medical field, though not the hospital. I worry about my mother, who we cannot visit with in person, and my uncle who is isolated in a nursing home. Of course I worry about sickness hitting those I know and love. Yet, we are lucky in so many ways. We are so far all healthy in my family, and we have a comfortable home with good food to eat. We are finding new ways to make our days meaningful. And though I am learning a new routine for grocery shopping, I have lots more time to cook and bake!

In any case, back to the cheesy egg & tortilla folds. They are pretty basic, so you don’t need a lot of special ingredients, and they are made all in the same skillet. Just eggs, flour tortillas, shredded cheese, and whatever you want as fillings. My daughter and I like spinach, my son likes salami. The possibilities are many! The key is, they taste delicious, are fun to make, and deliver a protein-rich meal in very little time. The recipe below is for just one serving, but you can just make one after the other, customizing as you go, if you have several people to feed. Or, depending on the ages of the kids in your family, have everyone try making their own. Just make sure the skillet is fairly cleaned off and greased with the melted butter for each one.

I wish you all health and safety in these difficult times, and I am thankful for all those working so hard in the medical field and those working to keep our food supply available. Because I will be spending lots of time at home in the near future, I dearly hope to post in this space more often. I have missed it very much. Take good care!

egg & tortilla fold in hands2

Cheesy Egg & Tortilla Folds

  • Servings: 1
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  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 large flour tortilla
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of shredded cheese (your choice of type)
  • your choice of fillings, such as: chopped spinach, chopped peppers, shredded ham, sliced salami, sliced mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and more.


Get your fillings ready. Chop, slice, and arrange them so you can add them when the time comes. Then, melt the butter in a large skillet over medium low heat. While the butter is melting, crack two eggs into a small bowl and beat lightly with a fork. When the butter is melted, swirl it around so it is coating the whole bottom of the skillet. Pour the eggs into the skillet and swirl it so the eggs are evenly coating the bottom of the skillet. Turn the heat up to medium.

As the eggs are cooking, every now and then, pick up the skillet with the handle and swirl the eggs gently, so the runny parts move toward the outside and eventually it all cooks evenly.

When the eggs are just cooked all the way through, place the tortilla on top of the eggs. Then, with a thin spatula, gently loosen the edges of the eggs and flip the eggs & tortilla over so the tortilla is on the bottom of the skillet and the eggs are on top. I would by lying if I said I flipped this perfectly every time! If the eggs happen to stick, just do your best and place them on top of the tortilla as evenly as possible. Once you fold the tortilla over, no one will know if it didn’t flip in one beautiful piece. Though it might flip beautifully, and will do so more and more with practice. 🙂

With the heat still on and the tortilla & eggs still in the skillet sprinkle your desired amount of shredded cheese on one half of the eggs. Then place your fillings over the cheese. With your spatula, fold the half of the tortilla/eggs that doesn’t have fillings over the half that does have fillings, so it makes a half circle, pressing gently to melt the cheese and warm everything up together. Turn off your heat and move the cheesy egg & tortilla to a plate. Cut in half if you like. Enjoy!


  1. Claire

    Happy to see a new recipe! These days we really appreciate that the filing could be anything in the refrigerator. Since I never developed the skill with omelets, I decided to use a second frying pan for the flip,
    It was a welcome change from scrabbled eggs and a recipe that I’ll use again. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jenny

      Thanks, Claire! Fun to hear from you! Hope all is well on your end! 💕

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