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Festive Orange Rosemary Water

Some of the best things in life are simple.  Sometimes just a little touch of effort can elevate something from mundane to festive.  And sometimes, it is these little touches of effort and care that make life memorable and pleasant.  That is the case with this festive orange rosemary water.  It is so simple that it can hardly be considered a recipe, yet I feel the urge to share it, because drinking a glass of it simply brightens up my day!

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Cherry Banana Smoothie

In this cherry banana smoothie, the unmistakably bold and bright flavor of tart cherries is balanced by banana, sweet yogurt, and almond milk.  Tart cherries are one of my favorite fruits, and they are ripening out on the tree in our yard right now!  We planted our cherry trees a few years ago (one sweet, one tart), and each year they produce more cherries.  The past couple of years have been exciting, because our trees have actually yielded enough cherries for us to make things with them!

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Banana Watermelon Refresher

This easy smoothie is filled with refreshing watermelon, mint, and lemon balm, plus banana and Greek yogurt for protein and creaminess. The creaminess of the bananas and the sweetness of the watermelon balance each other nicely.  In just about five minutes, you can have a delicious, healthy, and revitalizing summer drink for two.

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