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Parmesan Cornbread Wedges

Whether you are looking for an accompaniment to soup or chili, or just looking for a tasty snack, these parmesan cornbread wedges do the trick.  The subtle, mellow flavor of Parmesan cheese infuses this moist cornbread with a pleasing flavor.

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Cherry Crumble Bars

These delicious cherry crumble bars feature sweet-tart cherries baked with a tasty base and topping somewhere between a pie crust and a graham cracker.  The bright flavor of the cherries is heightened with lemon zest and almond extract.  Flavorful, colorful, and portable, these cherry crumble bars are great for dessert, a snack, or even breakfast!

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Baked Pears With Blue Cheese

These baked pears with blue cheese encompass so many flavors and textures! Tender, juicy pears are baked with maple syrup and thyme sprigs, then stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts, a bit of salt and pepper, and drizzled with more maple syrup.  Sweet, savory, tender, and crunchy all in one baked fruit!  They make an elegant and delicious appetizer or snack, and they are even quite healthy!

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