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Parmesan Cornbread Wedges

Whether you are looking for an accompaniment to soup or chili, or just looking for a tasty snack, these parmesan cornbread wedges do the trick.  The subtle, mellow flavor of Parmesan cheese infuses this moist cornbread with a pleasing flavor.

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Cranberry Ricotta Scones

Warm up a cold, dark morning with these cranberry ricotta scones!  They are rich and moist, with the ricotta cheese giving them extra depth of flavor and texture, and dried cranberries and a teaspoon of ginger adding sweetness and spice.  A warm, tender scone with a hot cup of coffee or tea is one of my favorite ways to add comfort and cheer to life.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Slightly decadent, yet at the same time wholesome, this pumpkin chocolate chip bread is moist, sweet, and spiced with the iconic flavors of cinnamon and cloves.  A thick slice of it tastes delicious with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or a cold glass of milk.  It’s the perfect afternoon treat or after-school snack.  And this recipe makes two loaves, so you can either keep both loaves for yourself, or keep one and give one away and make someone’s day!

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