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Rambling Black Raspberries and Flavorful Muffins

black raspberries At last, the black raspberry bushes, all in different corners of our yard, are offering up their deep, rich fruit.  We did not plant these bushes, they just came with the territory.  When we first moved here, I thought they were red raspberry bushes, since that was all I had ever seen.  I was confused when I picked a red berry and it tasted sour.  Now I have come to appreciate the dark purple berries, and their subtle, wild flavor.  The photo of the berries in the colander betrays a little bit of impatience on my and my daughter’s part, as a few of the berries are not as dark as they really should be when we picked them.  But since all the fruits and vegetables are so much later than usual this year, we have been waiting a couple extra weeks for our black raspberries to become ripe, and they are now irresistible!  Not only do they taste delicious, but they are loaded with health-boosting raspberries in colander

I have posted a recipe in the post below for black  raspberry muffins.  This recipe will also work if you use red raspberries.  I like to use the black ones since they are the ones growing in our yard, and it is fun to send my daughter (who loves to forage for berries) out to fill up a cup, while I mix up the batter.  The whole wheat flour and rolled oats make these muffins hardy and filling, while the yogurt and touch of butter and juice make them moist.  The berries, of course, are what make these muffins special and bursting with flavor, especially when they are so fresh and in season.

raspberry muffins on plateraspberry muffin on plate


  1. rachwalker

    Blackberries are JUST coming out here. I like the darkness of these muffins. They look really rich and full of flavour. Must go find some hedgerows to raid!

    • dragonflyhome

      Thank you! Hope you find some berries!

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