Although it is the middle of May, it was cold and rainy yesterday. Minestrone soup is not something I would usually gravitate toward in May, but on a cold, wet night, it sounded good. My family appreciated it too. There are countless versions of minestrone soup. I love this version, with chopped cabbage and fresh parsley on the top to garnish. The cabbage and parsley give the soup a little brightness, which seems fitting for spring, even when the weather does not feel like spring, or especially when the weather does not feel like spring. The key is to not overcook the vegetables, but to cook them just enough, so they are tender-crisp. I try to use organic vegetables whenever possible, and in-season vegetables whenever possible. Sometimes it is not possible or practical. Sometimes a little comfort food in the middle of May is just the thing we need.  Below are photos of the chopped cabbage (I find it to be a beautiful vegetable, like most vegetables) and the finished product, a bowl of minestrone soup.