Our lilac bushes are now in full bloom. These are perhaps my favorite spring flower. They hold so many good memories for me. The most potent lilac memories come from Sackets Harbor, New York. We had several huge lilac bushes outside of our apartment building there, and a dear friend who lived below me shared my love of lilacs. Winters were really long and hard in Sackets Harbor, so when the lilacs finally bloomed, it was a celebration. My friend and I kept fresh, deliciously scented bunches in our apartments as long as the lilacs were flowering. Our husbands were often gone on deployments with the army, so the simple pleasures like lilacs would cheer us up. I also remember that the stiff winds coming off of Lake Ontario would blow the magical scent into our windows. That was a special place, and I’m sure I will write more about it in later posts. For now, here is a photo of some lilacs I brought in from our lovely yard.