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Busy Times Call for Energy Bites

energy bite mixtureGood recipes never exist in isolation.  They are passed from one person to another, with changes and substitutions made along the way, so they never stay exactly the same. The recipe for Energy Bites that I have posted below is one of those recipes.  A good friend gave me this recipe, and she got it from a friend of hers.  She and I have both made modifications along the way, and it has become a living, ever-evolving recipe.  My friend made these energy bites for my family when we were going through a difficult time and she knew we would not have a lot of time to sit down and eat. They were perfect, because they were portable, easy to eat, and gave us sustained energy rather than the short-lived energy of straight carbohydrates.  I am grateful to her for giving the recipe to me, and I am sharing this recipe now because I see a need for quick, nutritious snacks among friends of mine who have children in sports and other activities.  We are often lamenting about how it is difficult to give our kids snacks that will sustain them through their sports activities, yet will not be full of empty calories or sit like rocks in their stomachs.  So busy parents, this one’s for you!  And this is really for anyone of any age who is going from one thing to the next, and needs something nutritious to get through until the next meal.  energy bite mixture 1These energy bites are packed with protein, fiber, vitamin E (with anti-inflammatory effects), and the “good” monounsaturated fat from the peanut butter.  The ground flax seeds have lots of omega-3 fatty acids (also good fat) and antioxidants.  The sunflower seeds have lots of vitamin E and magnesium.  The chocolate chips and honey give them the sweetness, so they don’t taste too “healthy”.  Also, they are really easy to make–another bonus in busy times.

energy bites and oak leafenergy bites in bowl


  1. Amanda

    These look delicious and good for you! I love little treats like this!

  2. Marina Maier

    Just finished making these. I know my Boys will love them. I do!!
    I made one minor change (sorry, I’m notorious for changing recipes!). I substituted the ground flax for a ground flax and chia blend because that’s what I had at home. I was thinking coconut flakes would be great in them too…
    Thanks for the recipe!! Quick, easy and delicious!!

    • dragonflyhome

      Thanks, Marina–chia seeds sound like a great addition! That’s funny you mention coconut flakes-they were part of the recipe i had, but that was one of the changes I made, because my kids don’t really like coconut. I’m sure they are good with coconut flakes too!

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