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The cherry trees are in blossom. I am so happy to see signs of growth and life after such a hard winter. It means extra to me this spring, since my father died this winter, and I feel like I want to tell him all about the new blooms. He was always interested in our plants and gardens. I feel like if I take extra time to be aware of the moment and the world around me, I can somehow communicate  with him in the beyond. Here are the cherry blossoms.Image

I want to fill this blog with color. Right now, the area around me is waking up with color after a long, cold winter and spring. The Bradford pear trees are flowering, the tulips are blooming, and the cherry trees are just waiting to pop out into blossom. The lilac bushes have tiny little miniature lilac flowers that will hopefully expand into big, juicy, fragrant bunches. There is a tree frog somewhere out in the yard. I just started hearing it yesterday. The spring peepers have been singing for awhile. I love to listen to them at night. ImageThere have been some incredible sunrises in the past couple of weeks.  With the leaves not quite out on the trees yet, we can see more of the sky.  This is the most recent sunrise. It is great to see something so inspiring when I wake up groggy and uninspired. It is a gift to be able to look out my window or step out on my porch and see a view like this.

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